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Awards and Recognition

  • Featured in the California Urban Water Conservation Council Public Information BMP Implementation Guidebook

Blue Thumb Neighbors was a community-based social marketing program designed to help residents create beautiful, water-efficient landscapes and adopt sustainable, River-Friendly landscaping behaviors.


The program used engaging education and incentives to encourage learning and behavior change. These included working with community influences as program advocates; at-home consultations on efficient watering; comprehensive Resource Kits; classroom-style workshops; and a hands-on “Blue Thumb Garden Party” during which participants transformed part of a neighbor’s front yard with beautiful, low-water use plants and water-efficient sprinklers.


Over three years, the program consistently motivated participants to adopt water-wise behaviors in their landscape, as measured by pre- and post-program surveys and interviews. Moreover, the behaviors participants adopted were among the most challenging to implement. In addition to every-day behavior change, the program motivated five full-scale makeovers from thirsty yards to beautiful, low-water use landscapes.


Created with partner FRAUSE.