City of Benicia

Our team developed a water conservation outreach program designed to encourage Benicia residents to reduce water use by 20 percent. Our strategy was to use a positive approach that focuses on educating audiences about where water is used at home, easy ways to effectively reduce water use and the collective impact of small actions. We developed the “Benicia Saving Water Starts With You” brand and outreach program.


Tools included: 

  • Utility truck magnets. 
  • Banners in city parks and baseball fields. 
  • Unique URL ( and Web page updates. 
  • Yard signs. 
  • Direct mail postcard. 
  • Facebook advertising. 
  • Outreach to local businesses to display conservation materials. 
  • Pledge for adults and pledge banner for kids. 
  • Media outreach. 
  • Tip card. 


Created with partners Magma Creative, Original Communications and Lower Sierra Consulting Services. 


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