The City of Sacramento

The “Living Billboard” was a vertical garden and work of art designed to attract attention for water conservation and fight “drought fatigue” during the latter part of California’s recent historic drought.


The billboard featured more than 30 beautiful, low-water use living plants to encourage residents to replace thirsty lawn with plants and flowers appropriate for the region’s climate, as well as to promote the City’s rebate programs that can help offset costs.


News media, and dozens of area residents and local and state influencers crowded Sacramento City Hall for the billboard’s unveiling. As one news anchor said with the story, “I love that idea. The Living Billboard proves that it [a low-water landscape] includes a lot more than just succulents.”


During the month-long exhibit, it’s estimated that more than 2,500 people viewed the billboard and took copies of brochures advertising the City’s rebate programs.

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